A New Solution for New Rules

New rules, established in 2013, enabled businesses to join the ranks of government and universities, by passing on the fee when customers choose to pay with credit cards for convenience or rewards. Credit card acceptance is one of the largest and fast-growing, operating costs. Since 2005, the interchange cost of Visa’s and Mastercard’s premium rewards cards has risen by 24%.

Passing on the fee while offering options on how to avoid it is what makes our program unique. There are many Zero-Cost options out there. Their deficiencies lie in compliance. As per Visa/Mastercard guidelines, a debit card should be treated as ‘cash’ and should not be imposed any fee or surcharge.

Our patent on technology identifies when a debit card is being used and treats it as ‘cash’, thus allowing the customer to avoid the surcharge.

Join the thousands of other merchants currently on our platform, including government entities, schools, and businesses of all sizes, from Main Street merchants to public companies.

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Who can benefit from our platform?

We have thousands of merchants on the program including:

  • Retail Businesses
  • Service Professionals
  • Government
  • Education
  • Virtual/E-Commerce

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